Top 10 Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia



With all the anime series that came to light, the anime series ‘My Hero Academia’ wouldn’t disappeared from the spotlight knowing how huge of popularity it gets over time since 2016 after its first anime released.

The series is based fron manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi that was published by 2014.

The world of ‘My Hero Academia’ revolves around the world full of fantasy especially powers which they referred as ‘quirks’. Around 80% of human population in the series possess a different kinds of powers that people use for either good or for bad deeds. Which is the reason they established ‘Hero Association’.

With quirks, people can do a lot of things that normal people aren’t capable to do. One could produce flames, some can manipulate minds and any other interesting abilities that definitely differ from each others. Note: These may change because of weekly update of manga series.

Because of that…

Here are the Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia

10. Tsunagu Hakamada

Strongest characters in my hero academia

Hero Name: Best Jeanist

Quirk: Fiber Master

Best Jeanist is one of the strongest professional heroes in the series knowing how powerful he is when it comes to controlling cloth fibers. He is spiderman-like in the series yet instead of a web, it is a powerful fibers.

Using his fibers, he can control anyone around him with ease to the way that he can even lift Mt. Lady in giant form with ease just to save them from All For One. His quirk is similar to how Aizawa control his scarf around his neck but much more powerful. During the confrontation against Shigaraki that caused countless of deaths, Best Jeanist was the one who stopped Gigantomachia, the massive beast and also servant of All For One which even Mt. Lady couldn’t stop along with other heroes.

He can easily strangled anyone with ease and covered with a powerful fibers that looks like a mummified but through fibers which only poweful people are the only one who has a capabilities to escape.

9. Kai Chisaki

Strongest characters in my hero academia

Villain Name: Overhaul

Quirk: Overhaul

Kai Chisaki is one of the antagonist of the series and was introduced during Shie Hassaikai Arc. Chisaki was known as Overhaul along with his notable long mask.

Overhaul was threatening villain knowing how dangerous his group was especially his power. Overhaul has a complicated quirk, to be simple he can literally manipulate matter according to his will just by using his bare hands, which made him wear gloves all the time.

According to what Nigheye’s had forseen, they were all killed on the hands of Overhaul yet was changed by Midoriya. Later on, he killed Nighteye along with the disappearance of Mirio Togata’s quirk. During the raid on his hideout by numbers of professional heroes, Chisaki could annihilate every heroes present that time which shows how powerful truly he was but unfortunately for him, Deku along with Eri defeated him after Deku used the full power of One For All for a short period of time thank to Eri’s quirk.

Regardless of how lethal his quirk was, he can only activate it once he touch something as long it is made up of matter with his bare hands which made him helpless after Shigaraki, leader of League of Villains decayed his arms.

8. Mirio Togata

Strongest characters in my hero academia

Hero Name: Lemillion

Quirk: permeation

Mirio Togata is the proof of harkwork beats talent in the series. Among all the students in U.A, Mirio is considered Top 1 and also gets acknowledged by all teachers showing how powerful he is.

What made him special is that he doesn’t have a powerful quirk like Bakugou, who can make explotions or even Midoriya, who has superhuman strength but only permeation, which allows him to move and slip freely through anything. A glimpse of his strength was shown when he confronted all students in Class-A and took them all down without even breaking a sweat.

Mirio doesn’t have a powerful quirk however, he trained himself to be powerful regardless of his quirk. Mirio mostly rely on his physical strength and use his quirk as a support for him to move faster, just like how he almost beat Overhaul if he just didn’t lost his quirk in the middle of the battle. Little did everyone know, Mirio Togata was the 1st candidate inheriting All Might’s power if All Might didn’t met Midoriya.

Aizawa admitted that Mirio was the one closest to being no. 1 Hero even among the professional heroes. Just imagine if he possess One For All, he could be the strongest hero of all time to the way that even All For One will have hard time fighting against him.

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7. Midoriya Izuku

Strongest characters in my hero academia

Hero Name: Deku

Quirk: One For All

Midoriya Izuku is the protagonist of the series and the 9th successor of One For All that was passed down to every generations for around hundred of years.

He is one of the few characters who possess multiple quirks knowing that for the most part of people who was born, they only has one unique quirk. What made Deku special is that he was belong to 20% of overall population who was born quirkless since 80% of population are considered possess different types of quirks.

In spite of being qurkless, Midoriya’s dream becoming a hero didn’t cease and his life changed when he met the strongest hero, All Might. Because of determination and especially his worthiness to become a hero, All Might decided to pass his power to him, which started his journey as a student in U.A. The quirk that he inherited from All Might could be considered as one of the strongest quirks of all quirks knowing that he possess 6 different powers with different that he can use throughout his hero journey.

Deku defeated a lot of powerful villains such as Muscular, Gentle Criminal, and even Overhaul regardless of still not mastering the full extent of One For All, which made him truly formidable when the time comes that he can fully use it according to his will. Deku’s abilities improved dramatically after he unlocked the true power of One For All along with the guidance of his 7 predecessors.

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6. Shota Aizawa

Strongest characters in my hero academia

Hero Name: Eraserhead

Quirk: Erasure

Shota Aizawa or mostly known as ‘Eraserhead’ is one of the professional heroes and one of the teachers in U.A. He was the adviser of Class-A, where considered as the strongest class in their year.

He was referred as ‘Eraserhead’ by his ability to erase almost all sorts of quirk with ease just by looking at them. What makes his quirk hard to compete is that he can precisely erase quirks of numbers of people at once as long they are within his vision. In spite of having an ability to erase quirks for a period of time, there are still kinds of quirk that he cannot erase like Ojiro, who has mutant types quirks that has a strong tail he could use for fighting.

The most noticable thing about Aizawa is his dull eyes which one would think that he doesn’t sleep along with his eyebags. But in fact, Aizawa was trained to keep his eyes open as long as possible knowing that the longer he can open his eyes, the longer he can erase someone’s quirk and once he blink, the effect of his quirk will disappear.

Aizawa wears a long scarf around his neck which he manipulate and use especially for fighting. He is also highly skilled when it comes to hand-to-hand combat knowing how he defeated numbers of villains on his own when he protected his students when Shigaraki appeared along with a Nomu.

5. Keigo Takami

Strongest characters in my hero academia

Hero Name: Hawks

Quirk: Fierce Wings

The current no. 2 after Endeavor, Hawks is one of the most popular and strongest among all the heroes. He has a unique abilities, which solely relies on his wings or mostly feathers that could be use in different ways.

Unlike any other heroes, Hawks is like doing hero stuffs. The reason why his quirk is so special is that it is so flexible to the way that it could use in every aspects. Every feathers of him can lift an entire person, which is best for saving people. Also his feather grants him an ability to fly and especially he can turn his feathers into a deadly blades which he often used as a sword.

Regardless of how powerful his feathers are, it’s still has one weakness, which is fire. With enough amount of heat, his feathers will instantly melt and turn to ashes. When Endeavor fought a Nomu, we can see how slowly it melts his feathers but when Dabi, along with his blue fire reached his feathers, it melted in just a second.

Showing how powerful he is, he wasn’t scared of any villains to the way that he already joined with 2 different groups of villains in order to get informations about them.

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4. Enji Todoroki

Strongest characters in my hero academia

Hero Name: Endeavor

Quirk: Hellflame

Endeavor is the current no. 1 Hero after All Might had retired as a hero knowing how devastating the damaged he took from All For One. Endeavor is known as ‘The Inferno Hero’ which came from his own quirk.

Regardless of being no. 2 back then especially when All Might was still in action, Endeavor’s power wasn’t far from All Might which caused of his hatred against him. At first, a lot of people wasn’t satisfied of Endeavor being no. 1 because he was a complete opposite of All Might. Endeavor is serious and unapproachable unlike All Might who was always smiling regardless of the situation. But everything changed when he confronted a Nomu that proves that he is worthy of being a no. 1 after he defeat it in order to save the entire city.

He is also the father of Shoto Todoroki, one of the students in U.A. which possess an ability to make and control fire and ice on his own.

Using his fire, Endeavor can easily fly even faster than Midoriya and Bakugou when they interned under Endeavor’s agency for a period of time, also he was the one taught Midoriya to control his ‘Blackwhip’. Endeavor could literally burn the whole city if he wants to showing how powerful he is using his fire, to the way that he needs to go on the sky in order not to damage the buildings around him from the fire he could emit when he fought Nomu.

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3. Shigaraki

Strongest characters in my hero academia

Villain Name: All For One

Quirk: All For One

All For One is the main antagonist of the story that lives for around hundred of year now since the first holder of One For All. He has an uncertain quirk which allows him to live longer compare to a normal human. Knowing that unlike One For All who can give powers, All For One can steal one’s quirk making him a very dangerous person.

His full name still mystery to everyone but his last name was already stated ‘Shigaraki’. When he adapted Tomura Shigaraki when he was still a little, he gave him his last name knowing that Tomura might become his successor someday. What makes him truly threatening was that he was the one responsible for killing the other 6 predecessors of One For All(except 4th because he died because of old age) which still occuring for Midoriya, the 9th wielder of One For All.

His power shown when League of Villains kidnapped Bakugou thinking that he could become a villain like them, but luckily, Bakugou refused and escaped with the help of other heroes. What they did not expect was that the root of all devil was present that time.

Knowing how powerful he was, All Might arrived at the scene because of the fact that he was the only one capable of stopping him. There confrontation caused of massive destruction to the city especially to All Might, which pushed himself to his limit resulted of his retirement. In the end, All Might almost die in the battle in the hands of All For One just like what happen to his predecessors. Despite of his lost to All Might, it won’t change the fact that his power is comparable to All Might.

2. Yagi Toshinori

Strongest characters in my hero academia

Hero Name: All Might

Quirk: One For All

All Might was the former no. 1 Hero and was recognized as the ‘Symbol of Peace’ for all the things he had done throughout his journey as a hero. When the time All Might was stil,l in action, crime rates are far lower knowing how threat he was to every villains.

He was also born qurkless yet acquired the One For All after his master, Nana Shimura killed by All For One in the battle making him the 8th user. All Might possess an incomparable superhuman strength and incredible speed which truly makes him beyond belief powerful.

Among the all the users of One For All who died, All Might was the only one who took down All For One without getting killed despite of his health condition showing how powerful truly he was especially in his prime. All Might held One For All for 40 years since his master, Nana Shimura passed it to him as her successor. He was the one responsible for stopping the root of biggest group in the series after he defeated All For One, which also his last battle as a hero.

1. Tenko Tomura

Strongest characters in my hero academia tomura Shigaraki

Villain Name: Tomura Shigaraki

Quirk: Decay

Who wouldn’t surprise after Tomura Shigaraki became the strongest villain in the series that killed countless of people in just a matter of second after he obtained God-like power.

Shigaraki is one of the right hand man of All For One and the leader of League of Villains, a group of criminals seeking for destruction especially for heroes. Unlike any other villains and heroes, Shigaraki doesn’t have deadly power knowing that he needs to touch a person for a period of time in order for him to activate his decay. But everything changed when he went to a certain experimentation which doesn’t just enhanced his quirk to its full extent, but his body as well that surpassed even the former no. 1 Hero, All Might.

Shigaraki turned almost the totality of city along with other heroes into ashes with ease resulting deaths of countless of hero. He can even decay anyone surrounds him just by touching the ground showing how deadly he became as a villain making anyone who can’t fly doesn’t stand a chance against him.

Strongest characters in my hero academia

Endeavor, Midoriya, Bakugou, Gran Torino and even Todoroki doesn’t have a chance against him when they attack him at once to the way that he even killed Gran Torino in the process. What makes him truly powerful is that the experimentation he experienced wasn’t completely finished but only 74% of it after Mirko broke the tube he was in. If Shigaraki completed the process, heroes definitely will be in the brink of extinction.

Strongest characters in my hero academia

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