Is Tengen Uzui stronger than Rengoku Kyojuro?



The anime and manga series ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ or mostly known as ‘Demon Slayer’ in english translation is one of the rising anime of the decade for its wonderful and amazing adventures which fulfilled of inhumane demons.

The series was originally based from manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge that sold 100 million copies worldwide and still increasing. Demon slayer is undoubtedly considered as the most successful anime of 2020 and especially 2021 after its movie adaptation was released. Demon Slayer: Infinity Train earned $500 million worldwide which surpassed a lot of movies even in hollywood and made it highest grossing film of 2020.

Demon Slayer was also awarded as ‘Anime of the Year 2020’ by Crunchyroll, showing how truly successful the series.

The series ‘Demon Slayer’ revolves around the world full of brutality and cruelty of demons along its way especially when the night comes. Compare to a normal person, Demons are completely stronger than any humans and has only one weakness, which is only by decapitating them(cutting their head). What makes demons truly dangerous is that they cannot be killed by a normal weapons such as guns or knives that makes them almost immortal.

Because of that, people established an institution called ‘Demon Slayers’. Demon Slayers are responsible for taking down demons that roaming mostly every night that causing a lot of deaths and sacrifices.

Among the demon slayers, there is a 9 extraordinary demon slayers considered as pillars, or mostly known as Hashiras that take orders directly from the higher up.

Two of the 9 pillars was Rengoku Kyojuro, who was the main hashira in the movie Infinity Train and Uzui Tengen, the main pillar in the upcoming season 2 of the series.

Because of that, a lot of people wonder, who is stronger among the 2 of them if for some reason they fight?

Is tengen uzui stronger than rengoku kyojuro demon slayer

Who is Stronger? Tengen Uzui or Rengoku Kyojuro?

Rengoku Kyojuro

Is tengen uzui stronger than rengoku kyojuro demon slayer

Breathing Style: Flame Breathing

Rengoku Kyojuro is one of the strongest demon slayers throughout the whole series along with his extraordinary firepower. He is known as helpful and dignified person that won’t hesitate to help those in needs knowing the fact that he was educated by his mother to help at a young age.

Rengoku used Flame Breathing as his style for fighting that considered as one of the strongest breathing form, which was passed down to him by his father. His father, Shinjuro was a former pillar yet he was opposed when Rengoku became a Demon Slayer thinking that it is a very dangerous path.

Their bloodline resides the Flame Breathing that made them a strong family that definitely makes worthy of being a pillar, which only few can achive.

Is tengen uzui stronger than rengoku kyojuro demon slayer

Rengoku’s abilities was fully shown in the Demon Slayer: Infinity Train, which amazed and gives heartaches to all of the fans at the same time. Rengoku confronted one of the strongest demon alive in the series after he was ordered to investigate those demon slayers who haven’t back yet since their last mission.

Just like demon slayers, Demons also has a rank that determined their capabilities and powers. Rengoku possessed immense firepower that could literally kill a normal demon with ease along with his extraordinary speed.

Akaza, the Upper Moon 3 Demon and considered as the 4th strongest demon in the series fought Rengoku to death after they met each other. Knowing how powerful Akaza was, Rengoku’s capabilities was acknowledged by Akaza regardless of him being a demon and mostly, he was invited to be a demon as them to become much more powerful yet Rengoku refused. Having no choice, Akaza had choice but to fight until one of them is dead.

Despite of being a completely human, Rengoku could literally kill Akaza bunch of times during their battle if not just because of his healing capabilities that could instantly restored every parts that was cut by Rengoku. Unfortunately, Rengoku was only a human unlike Akaza, so when Rengoku reached his limits after all the damaged he gained from Upper 3, Rengoku Kyojuro died protecting everyone on the hands of Akaza.

In spite of his lost to Akaza, Rengoku is no doubt extremely powerful pillar which almost kill Akaza on his own to the way that Giyu, one of the pillar along with Tanjiro can’t defeat Akaza when they confronted him.


Tengen Uzui

Is tengen uzui stronger than rengoku kyojuro demon slayer

Breathing Style: Sound Breathing

On the other hand, Tengen Uzui is the only person known for his special breathing form, which is ‘Sound Breathing’. Sound Breathing is one of the branch of ‘Thunder Breathing’, just like how ‘Beast Breathing’ by Inosuke is derived from ‘Wind Breathing’.

Tengen Uzui’s personality isn’t far from Rengoku since they are both like sociable and extroverted to the way that Tengen has 3 wives living on the same roof. Unlike any other Hashira, Tengen Uzui wasn’t trained to be a swordsman, but to be a shinobi(ninja). But everything changed when his clan members was murdered and made him the only survivor along with his sibling.

Throughout the whole series, Tengen Uzui and Inosuke are the only demon slayers that used 2 nichirin weapons which use especially for killings.

During the 2nd season, Tengen Uzui was assigned to investigate for the Upper Moon Demon roaming in the Red Light District knowing the fact that his wives were there as well. Unlike Rengoku who fought the Upper 3, Tengen Uzui confronted the upper 6 along with the other 4( Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, & Zenitsu).

Compare to Akaza, Upper 6 was obviously weaker than him yet doesn’t mean that Upper 6 wasn’t that strong. What made upper 6 alarming was that it has 2 different bodies and with 2 different abilities that could only kill by killing them at once at the same time or else they will just regenerate like they always do.

Is tengen uzui stronger than rengoku kyojuro demon slayer

Tengen’s unique ability was what he called as ‘Score’, which is a powerful offensive yet takes a lot of time to activate. Through his unique skill, Tengen can read and understand his enemies habits especially blind spots by reading their attack movement furthermore convert it into a sound. Just like interrupting a flow of a song, if one attacks the opening of the sound, he can definitely land a strike.

Tengen activated his power too late because of all the injuries he had obtain especially the poison he took from Upper 6. Despite of that, with the help of 4 other demon slayers, they killed the 2 upper 6 without any casualties but in exchanged of his left arm and an eye.

So, who do you think is stronger?

Without a doubt,

Rengoku Kyojuro

Both Hashira are extremely powerful but compare to Tengen Uzui, Rengoku Kyojuro was far stronger than him in every aspects and to all the abilities they both had shown in the series.

Rengoku mastered the Flame Breathing and considered as one of the breathing styles to the way that those who can master it could definitely become a Hashira regardless of age without any exceptions. Sound Breathing is undoubtedly powerful breathing style as well but compare to Flame Breathing, Flame Breathing is much more powerful.

Is tengen uzui stronger than rengoku kyojuro?

Also, Rengoku can used 9 different forms like he used when he fought Akaza unlike Tengen, who only showed 3 different forms(1st form, 4th form and 5th form) when he fought the upper 6 making his fighting abilities more flexible.

During the Red Light District Arc, Tengen obviously cannot beat the Upper 6 on his own and he even needed the help of Tanjiro and others to kill them. If Tanjiro wasn’t there, Tengen was killed as well just like Rengoku but fortunately, he just lost an arm.

On the flip side, even though Rengoku didn’t beat Akaza, he had shown how powerful he was fighting Upper 3 on his own without the help of anyone, knowing that he doesn’t anyone to get hurt. Rengoku almost cut down Akaza in spite of severe damage on his stomach. If Rengoku had given at least a few more seconds to hold him, Akaza absolutely will die from the sunlight.

Is tengen uzui stronger than rengoku kyojuro demon slayer

Tengen and Rengoku are truly a powerful swordsman but if there is a chance that they will fight, Rengoku has an upper hand.



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