Top 10 Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man



The anime series ‘One Punch Man’ is one of the most popular anime and manga series since 2009 that love by a lot of fans along with its comedic life of a hero, Saitama. The world of ‘One Punch Man’ is full of inhumane and cruel monsters roaming around the world. Because of that, ‘Hero Association’ was established to protect the humanity.

Hero Association was established because of countless of monsters that still lurking waiting for the right moment to cause massive destruction that could literally put the humanity on the brink of extinction.

Knowing how terrifying and brutal those monsters are…

Here are the Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man

10. Homeless Emperor

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Homeless Emperor

Disaster Level: Dragon

Homeless Emperor was one of the Executives of Monster Association and considered as Disaster Dragon Threat because of his destructive power. Unlike any other monsters in Monster Association, Homeless Emperor was a completely human, making him physically inferior to everyone. His power was given by God to him for a certain reason.

In spite of him being a human, Homeless Emperor has intense reflexes, showing how he could easily dodged bullets from ZombieMan. Homeless Emperor was first introduced during the War Against Monster Association when Zombieman met him.

Homeless Emperor considered as monster regardless of him being a human in the first place, just like how they considered Garou as a monster. What makes Homeless truly terrifying monster was his energy projection ability that allows him to cause massive explotions along his way with ease.

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Homeless Emperor

According to Gyoro Groyo, one of the Executives in Monster Association, if Homeless Emperor and Black Sperm teamed up together, their existence is indestructible, knowing that he is the best for long range attacks and Black Sperm for short range attacks. Despite of his immense power, Homeless Emperor was inferior when it comes to short range attacks, making Bang or Darkshine bad match for him.

9. Overgrown Rover

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Overgrown Rover

Disaster Level: Dragon

Overgrown Rover is one of the Executives and responsible for guarding the Monster Association from Intruders. He was classify as Disaster Dragon Threat by his destructive blasts that could release from his massive mouth.

He was first introduced when Garou and other monsters accidentally awakened him, making them attacked by Rover without hesitation. In spite of being a monster dog, Overgrown Rover was undeniably Dragon Threat level, to the way that Garou’s attacked doesn’t even scratch him and especially he could almost kill Garou. Class S heroes like Puri-Puri-Prisoner, or even other heroes who mostly rely on physical strength would have die in just one breath or worst turn them into ashes if they catch his attack, showing how powerful Rover truly is.

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Overgrown over

What makes Overgrown Rover really surprising was he is one of the few characters throughout the whole series who survived Saitama’s punched when Rover tried to blast Saitama away. Unlike any other monsters, Rover wasn’t truly a bad monster but only follow his master’s order. Later on, Rover followed Saitama and became his monster pet(WebComic).

8. Fuhrer Ugly

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Fuhrer Ugly

Disaster Level: Dragon

Fuhrer Ugly is the most creepiest among all the Executives of Monster Association. In spite his appearance, this ugly monster could literally take down most of the Class S on his own, showing how terrifying this Dragon Threat monster.

Amai Mask, the strongest among Class A and considered as powerful as Class S Jero was easily beaten to death by Fuhrer Ugly without any mercy. Fuhrer Ugly possessed an incredible speed that Amai Mask can’t even match up and especially, massive superhuman strength and quick reflexes.

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Fuhrer Ugly

During the war against Monster Association, Fuhrer Ugly was eaten by Gums, also one of the Executives in Monster Association. But despite of dying, Fuhrer Ugly just got more powerful after he acquired the digestive power from gums, making him untouchable by the fact that anyone who dare to touch him, will melt in an instant. Darkshine’s hands were melted after he attempted to punch him, knowing that Darkshine was the most physically strongest among Class S.


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7. Phoenix Man

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Phoenix Man

Disaster Level: Dragon

Phoenix Man was already introduced in the Season 2 of the series when they kidnapped Garou in order to turn him into a powerful monster. Also, he was one of the Executives in Monster Association, making him a powerful opponent.

Author stated himself that Phoenix Man was the most coolest and the most overpowered monster in the manga series after he shown his abilities fighting Child Emperor. Phoenix Man possessed almost anything like flying ability, superhuman strength, intense speed, reflexes, transformation and many other things especially his ability to become more powerful everytime he died, making him almost immortal.

Phoenix Man was killed by the child prodigy, Child Emperor, yet he was also barely survived in the process. Having no choice, Child Emperor did everything he could, knowing that he is one of the smartest characters throughout the whole series. In spite of not yet fully well built, Child Emperor used his greatest invention, Brave Giant that he used in the battle. If Phoenix Man luckily survived from Child Emperor, Class S heroes would be on the brink of extinction, knowing that other monsters who survived were already hard for them to defeat.

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Phoenix Man

6. Carnage Kabuto

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Carnage Kabuto

Disaster Level: Dragon

Unlike any other monsters in the series, Carnage Kabuto is one of the most different and most unique among them, knowing that he was not truly a monster in the first place but a product of science experimentation. Carnage Kabuto was first introduced in the Episode 3 of Season 1 after Saitama along with Genos raided the ‘House of Evolution’, where countless of illegal experimentations were conducted.

House of Evolution were established by mad scientist Dr. Genus, one of the smartest characters in the series. He conducted countless of experimentation, to the way that he made himself young age in order for him to conduct more studies. Dr. Genus considered Carnage Kabuto as his masterpiece and especially the one roaming in Hero Association, Zombieman.

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Carnage Kabuto

As his considered as masterpiece, Carnage Kabuto truly was terrifying creature, showing how he was caged by Dr. Genus in order to prevent him from doing something destructive. When Saitama and Genos confronted him, Genos was easily beaten by him without even breaking any sweat.

What made Carnage Kabuto exactly terrifying was his transformation that he called ‘Carnage Mode’ where his overall abilities were dramatically enhanced for the whole 7 days. Carnage Kabuto was one of the few monsters who can make Saitama fly because of powerful attacks.

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Carnage Kabuto

5. Black Sperm

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Black Sperm

Disaster Level: Dragon

Black Sperm is the strangest monster in Monster Association yet powerful enough to destroy the Hero Association on his own. So far, there’s only few characters that could defeat him, Monster Garou, Boros, Tatsumaki, Saitama or even Blast, knowing that his true power was still unknown.

He was shown during the war against Monster Association when Atomic Samurai unexpectedly met him. Unfortunately, even Atomic Samurai has no match against him due to the fact that among all the abilities, Black Sperm’s abilities made Atomic Samurai less capable. The most terrifying ability about Black Sperm was his ability to split himself into countless of Black Sperm without losing any powers, making Atomic Samurai’s katana almost useless.

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Black Sperm

Black Sperm possess such superhuman strength, to the way that even if he split himself into thousand pieces, he still capable of beating anyone. Every pieces of him has own awareness, making him often argue to himself of who’s the real him. What makes Black Sperm truly a powerful monster was his final transformation, Golden Sperm. The more cell he has in one body, the more powerful he become.

4. Geryuganshoop

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Geryuganshoop

Disaster Level: Dragon

Geryuganshoop was one of the unique monsters that came from outer space and not from Monster Association. He was the right hand man of the leader of Dark Matter Thieves , a powerful association which destroyed countless of civilization along their way.

Just like Tatsumaki, Geryuganshoop possessed intense psychokinesis abilities yet compare to Tatsumaki, Geryuganshoop was a weaker version of her. Geryuganshoop could easily manipulate the force of gravity, which could literally be lethal for everyone. In spite of only having a screentime, Geryuganshoop abilities was shown enough of how powerful he was when he fought Saitama despite of his lost. According to Murata, Geryuganshoop’s ability to control flying objects was far superior than Tatsumaki, knowing that Geryuganshoop could eliminate the friction of objects and air. Because of that, Geryuganshoop could attack anyone with something through speed of sub-light without even evaporating the objects.

3. Orochi x Psychos

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Psykos x Orochi

Disaster Level: God

The combination of Orochi, the leader of the group Monster Association and Psykos, the right hand man of Orochi was powerful enough to considered as Disaster God Level threat. Their combination wasn’t named but without a doubt, they are one of the strongest monsters throughout the whole series.

Orochi was badly beaten by Saitama and Psykos was easily overwhelmed by Tatsumaki on her own, which made them no choice but to merged. Psykos x Orochi was a massive and powerful monster that could wipe out an entire city in just one blast.

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Psykos x Orochi
Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Psykos x Orohi

Throughout the whole series, Psykos x Orochi were the first and only monster that could severely injured Tatsumaki, knowing that she was a completely indestructible hero. Showing how powerful Psykos x Orochi was, numbers of Class S heroes were needed in order to take her down like Tatsumaki, Genos, Drive Knight, Atomic Samurai, and any other heroes.

The most interesting part was Psykos x Orochi could almost kill Tatsumaki when she trapped herself in the barrier, yet was accidentally saved by Saitama without anyone knowing.

Fun Fact: Yusuke Murata, the illustrator of One Punch Man based Psykos x Orochi’s character design to a neuron.

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Psykos x Orochi

2. Monster Garou

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Monster Garou

Disaster Level: God

Garou or Monster Garou was the main antagonist of the 2nd and upcoming seasons of the series, making him a lot more screentime than Boros, the final antagonist of season 1.

Unlike any other monsters, Garou was indeed a human, but for some reason, he became a complete powerful monster that could be considered threat to humanity. Garou was one if the few monsters that classified as Disaster God Level after he defeated all the Class heroes even the injured Tatsumaki, especially all the Dragon Level monsters on the field.

Just like Bang, Garou mastered ‘Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist’ that he learnt by none other than his former teacher, Silver Fang when he was still a student. Garou was the former student of Bang, making both of them a completely comparable. But after Garou achieved his God-like power, not even Bang or Bomb could beat him.

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Monster Garou

Even though Garou wasn’t obtained his monster form, Garou was already powerful enough to take down numbers Class S heroes, which the rank considered as the most powerful heroes. Garou completely overwhelmed Tank Top Master, Puri-Puri-Prisoner, Darkshine, and numbers of lower rank heroes all by himself.

Garou has 3 considered forms, Red Hair Garou, Awakened Garou and lastly, Monster Garou, which made him God Level Monster.

1. Boros

Strongest Monsters in One Punch Man Boros

Disaster Level: God

Boros was one of the alien monster and final villain in the 1st season of the series. Showing how God-like being Boros was, it is no doubt that Boros could be considered as the most powerful monster in the series especially after he fought Saitama.

A lot of fans wondered about Boros and Monster Garou’s capabilities of who’s stronger among them, yet the author himself wasn’t directly stated the outcome if they fought. Boros destroyed countless of civilization on his way before coming to Earth, making him threat to humanity that could put humanity on the brink of extinction if Saitama didn’t confronted him.

What makes him an interesting monster is he was the first opponent that Saitama had acknowledged, knowing that no monster could survived his punch that time except him.

strongest monsters in one punch man Boros



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