Strongest Characters in Classroom of the Elite



The series Classroom of the Elite is one of the best anime High School setting series that thrilled a lot of fans by its mind-blowing protagonist, Ayanokojie Kiyotaka.

Classroom of the elite is originally based from light novel that is written by Syougo Kinugasa and illutrated by Shunsaku Tomose that started since 2015. Because of its popularity, Classroom of the Elite got an anime adaptation mainly to promote the light novel and to pique the interest by a lot of fans, which truly a huge success.

The story revolves around the prestigious school where the systems are far different from an ordinary schools. Classes are separated from 4 categories, Class A,B,C, and D, which the latter is the lowest rank. In order for a students or the class itself to rank up, class must surpassed every classes through different exams that doesn’t mostly rely on just intellect, but also physical strength. Every individuals doesn’t evaluated just by intellect alone, but also physical capabilities. Because of that..

Here are the Strongest Students in Classroom of the Elite

10. Ken Sudo

Strongest Characters in Classroom of th Elite Ken Sudo

One of the members in Class D where they were classified as the most defective class, Ken Sudo was one of the most terrifying students because of his furious personality. Not only that, Sudo also was the lowest when it comes to overall aspects in class.

Sudo was often fought with everyone and fight even the other students from different class, making him hated by almost all of his classmates. Sudo is skilled when it comes to basketball, which is also the reason for him having a strong physique. For a certain reason, Sudo slowly getting better and better not just to academics but especially as a person that far from what he was back then.

Unlike anyone who skilled when it comes to martial arts, Sudo rely only to his knowledge he gained from countless of street fights he had experienced, knowing that he was once a delinquent person.

9. Kiryuin Fuuka

Strongest Characters in Classroom of th Elite Kiryuin Fuuka

Kiryuin Fuuka is one of the supporting characters in the series and a year older that Ayanokojie, making her his senior. Kiryuin was belong to 3rd Year Class B.

Despite of her not being in Class A, Kiryuin Fuuka is undeniably an unimaginable student in both physically and intellectually capabilities, making her a stunning student compare to anyone. Kiryuin Fuuka was introduced in the Y2V2 of light novel after Ayanokojie unexpectedly met her. During the special exam in Y2V3, Kiryuin Fuuka was one of the few students who took the special all by herself because of the fact that they have a choice to have a group or being a solo.

Showing how capable she is, Kiryuin Fuuka and Ayanokojie teamed up together surprisingly to beat the certain person who tried to eliminate Ayanokojie. Kiryuin Fuuka doesn’t care about people, yet Ayanokojie piqued her interest and decided to help him.

8. Ryuen Kakeru

Strongest Characters in Classroom of th Elite Ryuen Kakeru

Ryuen Kakeru is one of the students considered as the most terrifying student throughout the whole series for all the things he done to a lot of students, especially those to his enemies.

He is the leader of Class C that leads the class through terror and dictatorship. Because of that, no one can disobey him, knowing that he won’t hesitate to hurt anyone on his way. Ryuen known for all of his dirty tactics, yet could flawlessly accomplished his schemes. Despite of his cruel methods, Ryuen Kakeru is one of the smartest student in the series, knowing that even Sakayanagi, the leader of Class A is wary to Ryuen’s potential.

Ryuen grew up as a delinquent person, especially as a student that makes him skilled when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, knowing that he encountered street fights countless of times.

7. Horikita Manabu

Strongest Characters in Classroom of th Elite Horikita Manabu

The former Student Council President, Horikita Manabu is undoubtedly a capable student in intellect or even when it comes to physical strength. He was one of the first few student who knows how unbelievable Ayanokojie is when he realized how Ayanokojie scored 50 over 100 in all of his entrance exams intentionally.

Horikita Manabu have a knowledge when it comes to martial arts, making him a tough opponent when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Ryuen, one of terror in school once attacked Manabu unexpectedly to test his abilities, yet he was failed after he evaded his attacks with ease. One of the smartest student in school and the current Student Council President of the school after Manabu, Miyabi Nagumo undeniably respect him despite of his competitive and superiority complex attitude. He is also one of the few characters that was acknowledged by Ayanokojie because of his own abilities and worked together number of times behind the scenes.

6. Albert Yamada

Strongest Characters in Classroom of th Elite Albert Yamada

Albert Yamada was one of the members of Class C, which considered as the most frightening class in the series.

He has the biggest physique throughout the whole school that is far from average student. If one have no idea of who he is, he might be recognize as a part of military or such thing because of his well built appearance. Despite of his massive physique, Albert Yamada doesn’t want to pick a fight to anyone, yet for some reason, he wants to follow Ryuen’s commands in order for their class to come in Class A.

Later on, Ayanokojie and Albert became a good friends regardless of what happened in the volume 7 of light novel where a secret confrontation of Class C and Class D occured.

5. Ichika Amasawa

Strongest Characters in Classroom of th Elite Amasawa Ichika

Ichika Amasawa was one of the newly transferred students in Advanced Nurturing High School, yet in spite of that, she considers as one of the smartest and also one of the physically strongest when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

As one of the students in Class. A, Ichika Amasawa is no doubt a capable student but her abilities are far from what she shown to school. Just like Ayanokojie, she needs to hide her full potential for a certain reason. During the special exam that started in V3Y2, Ichika fought Horikita along with Ibuki Mio physically, yet they were miserably overwhelmed by her alone.

Ichika is the female version of Ayanokojie, knowing that they grew up from the same environment and same teaching but has different goals. Ichika truly admired Ayanokojie to the way that she will protect him no matter what the cost.

4. Takuya Yagami

Strongest Characters in Classroom of th Elite Takya Yagami

If Ichika is the female version of Ayanokojie, Takuya Yagami also represents Ayanokojie but as a junior, knowing that he came also from the same environment back then and studied the same teachings when they were still outside the campus. Despite of his innocent appearance, a dangerous objectives resides inside him that he want to achieve, and that is to expel Ayanokojie in Advanced Nurturing High School.

Yagami doesn’t just possess extraordinary intellect that allows him also to manipulate the people around him, but also capable as well when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, very similar to Ayanokojie. Unlike any other students, Yagami only enrolled the same school as Ayanokojie to get rid of his existence and bring him back to where he was truly belong. So far, he is the complete opposite of Ichika who wants to protect Ayanokojie, yet Yagami wants to eradicate him.

3. Kazuomi Hosen

Strongest Characters in Classroom of th Elite Kazuomi Hosen

If Ryuen Kakeru is the terror when it comes to 2nd Years, Kazuomi Hosen is the most terrifying student when it comes to newly transferred students, the 1st graders. Compare to average person, Kazuomi Hosen possess such massive physique and incredible strength, to the way that even Ryuen admitted that he can’t win against him on his own.

Ryuen and Hosen already knew each other indirectly before they enrolled in Advanced Nurturing High School, knowing that they are both product of street fights when they were still outside the campus. Hosen could be considered as the leader of Year 1 Class D, yet he leads through terror and dictatorship, literally same to Ryuen’s way of leading the class.

Hosen once miserably defeated Sudou when they confronted each other along with Horikita and Ayanokojie. What makes him a truly brutal student was because he doesn’t chose his victims even if you are a girl or an innocent as long that you aren’t interfere to his plans. Knowing Housen’s strength, Ryuen needed to used two of his classmates that has good physical strength just in order to stop him and take him down.

2. Koenji Rokusuke

Strongest Characters in Classroom of th Elite Koenji Rokusuke

Koenji Rokusuke is one of th most mysterious characters throughout the whole series and was belong to Class D. Koenji is the character that mostly comparable to Ayanokojie, not just because of his intellect but because of his incredible physical capabilities as well.

Regardless of him being a splendid student, Koenji doesn’t truly contribute to a class. Just like Ayanokojie, Koenji Rokusuke in spite of his overall capabilities, chose to help the class only if necessary for him to act, especially if expulsion will be the result of his actions. He is one of the few students that acknowledged by Ayanokojie because his abilities.

During the special exam in V3Y2, Koenji was one of the few students that faced the Uninhabited Island Exam on his own without even relying to anyone. Having a reason to join seriously in the Special Exam, Koenji won the 1st spot of 2 weeks exam despite of all the 3rd years that attempted to stop him. Showing how powerful he is, Koenji is confident enough to beat anyone in their school if it is necessary for him take them down.

1. Ayanokojie Kiyotaka

Strongest Characters in Classroom of th Elite Ayanokojie Kiyotaka

Ayanokojie Kiyotaka is the main character of the series and one of the students in Class D. Despite of his unimaginable capabilities that is far from average human, Ayanokojie prefer to hide it from anyone in order for him to have a peaceful high school life that he didn’t have back then.

He could be considered as the smartest student throughout the whole school, yet not just mentally strong but undeniably physically strong as well. Unlike any other students, Ayanokojie doesn’t have a massive physique compare to Albert or Koenji, which is also the reason why no one would doubt even if he fake his physical strength. Ayanokojie defeated numbers of students all by himself, especially during the Volume 7 of light novel, where he confronted Ryuen along with his 3 classmates to take him down, yet the opposite happened.

What makes Ayanokojie threatening when it comes to hand-to-hand combat isn’t just because of his incredible physical strength, but also because of his knowledge he learnt when it comes to fighting since he was a little. Because of that, there’s no doubt that Ayanokojie truly is the masterpiece in the White Room, where he was first constructed.



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