Top 9 Prettiest Female Characters in One Punch Man



One of the best anime of the decade, One Punch Man truly is one of the best anime of all time that excites and entertained a lot of fans by its amazing and comedic journey of a powerful hero, Saitama.

The story of One Punch Man revolves around the world full of supernatural creatures roaming in the society. Because of that, a powerful organization was built in order to protect the humanity against those brutal monsters, which later on called ‘Hero Association’.

Despite of the series being dark and comedic at the same time, these wasn’t the only things that piqued the interest of a lot of fans, but also by its stunning female characters that will surely love by everyone. Admiring fictional characters isn’t new by a lot of people. Because of that…

Here are the Prettiest Characters in One Punch Man

9. Lily

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Lily

Lily is one of the members of Blizzard Group, a group of professional heroes that eradicates monsters as a group. Blizzard Group also considered as the biggest group of heroes in the entire series that leads by none other than Fubuki, the Class B Rank 1 Hero.

Just like any other heroes, Lily doesn’t have any magical powers or special abilities. Because of that, Lily mostly rely on her combat skills especially with her three-section stuff. Despite of their group being often underestimated, Lily is truly devoted when it comes to Fubuki that acts as their leader, to the way that she won’t hesitate to help her in any possible way.

A lot of things are still a mystery about her in view of the fact that she only has a short appearance, yet it is undoubtedly that she is belong to the prettiest characters in the entire series.

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Lily

8. Suiko

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Suiko

Suiko is the little sister of Suiryu, the one who fought Saitama in the final battle of Martial Arts Tournament. Despite of her brother’s lost to Saitama, Suiryu could literally be considered as one of the strongest characters in the series without having any magical powers.

Suiko is a loving and caring sister towards Suiryu especially when he was still in Hospital. So far, a lot of details about her are still unknown that still haven’t encounter in manga series. In the WebComic version of One Punch Man, Suiko also became a professional hero just like her brother. As a hero, Seiko truly is a powerful person that also rely on martial arts. Being one of the heroes, Seiko joined heroes in order to serve people and especially, to give justice.

7. Lin Lin

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Lin Lin

Lin Lin is one of the contenders in Martial Arts tournament in the 2nd season of the series, making her to have only a short period of screentime. Despite of that, Lin Lin is undeniably one of the captivating female characters in the series along with her adorable cuteness.

Being participants of Martial Arts Tournament, Lin Lin possess a incredible amount of physical strength despite of her lost in the tournament. One of the remarkable things about her is her chinese style outfit and hairstyle that isn’t common in Japanese.

6. Monster Princess

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Monster Princess

Despite of her appealing appearance, Monster Princess was one of the dangerous monsters in the series that considered as a Dragon Threat Level. She was first introduced when Fubuki confronted her, yet even Fubuki wasn’t enough to stop her.

Being a Dragon Level Monster, Monster Princess could manipulate anyone with ease and control their actions according to her will. Monster Princess also possessed an incredible speed and physical strength that could make anyone fly in just one slap of her whip. Also, according to Gyoro Gyoro, one of the executives in Monster Association, Monster Princess was much more realible that the other monsters.

Regardless of being a villain, she’s undeniably one of the hottest monsters that could literally catch anyone’s eyes because of her captivating appearance.

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Monster Princess

5. Mosquito Girl

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Mosquito Girl

Mosquito Girl is one of the monster and villain in the series that killed countless of people on her own, making her a very dangerous monster. Mosquito Girl was first introduced in season 1 that caused bloodbath to the whole city.

Knowing the ability of a mosquito, Mosquito Girl could literally manipulate thousands or millions of mosquito according to her will and drained the blood of anyone on its way. What truly makes her a terrifying monsters was her final form that could only achieve if she consumed a lot of blood. If Saitama wasn’t around the time Genos confronted Mosquito Girl, Genos wouldn’t be able to survive against her.

Regardless of that, Mosquito Girl undeniably had captivating appearance unlike any monsters in the series, making her one of the prettiest characters despite of being a monster.

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Mosquito Girl

4. Psykos

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Psykos

So far, Psykos still haven’t introduce even after the end of season 2, yet she has a huge upcoming role in the series. Psykos is one of the Executives in Monster Association and the right hand man of Orochi, the one leads Monster Association. Unlike any other villains, Psykos is one of the few villains despite of being a human. She was also a classmate of Fubuki back in high school.

Just like Tatsumaki, Psykos has a powerful ability, which is psychokinesis, yet much inferior compare to what Tatsumaki can do. Psykos has a good body figure and has a tall physique that is completely opposite of Tatsumaki’s height.

Psykos was first introduced during the war against Monster Association after she confronted Tatsumaki. Despite of having a same abilities, Psykos was completely overwhelmed by Tatsumaki and needed to fuse with Orochi in order to defeat her. A lot of fans love the existence of Psykos in the series in spite of her being a villain because of her character design and stunning beauty that adds flavor to the story.

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Psykos

3. Captain Mizuki

Prettiest female characters in one punch man Captain Mizuki

Mizuki or Captain Mizuki is one of the remarkable female characters in the series, making her love by a lot of fans. Despite of being a woman, Mizuki possess a massive physique, which is uncommon to a girl.

One of the reason why she chose to gain muscles was because of her admiration to Darkshine, one of the members of S Class Heroes that could be considered as the physically strongest among all the heroes. Regardless of having a uncommon body, Muzuki’s appearance to the series piqued the interest of a lot of fans, making of one of the favorites.

Muzuki doesn’t just possess a incredible physical strength but also possess an good leadership, especially when the chosen heroes confronted the Monster Association.

2. Tatsumaki

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is the Rank 2 Hero in Class S, making her a truly powerful hero. She is one of the few characters so far that can use psychokinesis just like Fubuki, her little sister, and Psykos.

She could be considered as one of the most powerful throughout the whole series of One Punch Man because of her terrifying power. What’s more intimidating is if she became a villain, Tatsumaki can be consider as God Disaster Level because of how she lifted an entire city despite of having a lot of injuries. Unlike any other heroes who mostly rely on extraordinary physical abilities nor any normal human skills, Tatsumaki can literally defeat all of them with ease.

Tatsumaki known for her arrogant and superiority complex attitude that always belittle other heroes except for Blast and King, which is the only person she respect because of their abilities. Because of her childish attitude and especially physique, Tatsumaki was often mistaken as a kid, when in fact she’s already a 28.

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Tatsumaki

1. Fubuki

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Fubuki

Fubuki is one of the supporting characters that was fitst introduced in the 2nd season of the series. Unlike her sister, Tatsumaki, Fubuki is belong to Class B despite of her psychokinesis ability, knowing that she can’t control her power well unlike like Tatsumaki, to the way that by pushing her body to use her power makes her bleed head bleed.

Regardless of having a late introduction, Fubuki holds a huge influence to the story especially after meeting Saitama. Fubuki has a group that is called ‘Blizzard Group’ which is full of Class B heroes. Because of that, she tried to invite Saitama, yet he refused.

Fubuki has a confident attitude in spite of having a lot of weaknesses because of her sister’s overprotective actions towards her. She wants to beat her sister, which was the main reason why she created the group, knowing that Tatsumaki always fight monsters alone.

Needlessly to say, Fubuki is one of the most popular characters in One Punch Man. Making her the prettiest characters throughout the whole series.

Prettiest characters in One Punch Man Fubuki



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