Top 10 Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular manga series that was written and illutrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Because of its massive popularity, Chainsaw Man manga series will get an anime adaptation in 2021 by MAPPA.

Despite of its brutal and bloody story, Chainsaw Man surely piqued the interest of a lot of fans, not just because of its amazing art styles, but because of its inhumane supernatural entities, especially Devils.

The story revolves around the world full of Devils roaming around the world with different forms and abilities, which was created because of human fears. Every humans could use the abilities of any Devils, yet offerings will always be the number 1 condition. A lot of Devils aren’t still introduced in the series that will appear for the upcoming chapters and seasons. Because of that…

Here are the Top 10 Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man

10. Cosmos Devil

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Cosmo

Cosmos Devil or mostly known as Cosmo is one of the Quanxi’s harem that has strange abilities. Compare to other Devils that has devastating power, Cosmo wouldn’t typically attack you physically, but mentally and emotionally.

What makes her very noticeable is her zombie-like appearance that pop her eye out and especially, her visible brain. Despite of her innocent physique, Cosmo is one of the strongest Devils that was introduced in the series. With her abilities, Cosmo can trap you inside a massive library that full of different books about everything in the universe. With these, Cosmo will force you to understand every knowledge and everything details about universe until you lose your mind.

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Cosmo

After being targeted, one could only think and talk about one thing before until they die, and that is ‘Hallooween’.

9. Bomb Devil

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Bomb Devil

Bomb Devil is one of the most beautiful Devils in the series despite of being a Devil herself. Just like Denji, Bomb Devil has a human form that allows her to transform into a Devil when she pull her string on her neck.

Her real identity was ‘Reze’, a normal teenager girl that works as a working student. Yet everything changed when she revealed her true motives to Denji, which was to kill him and take his heart. Reze, or mostly known as the Bomb Devil was a powerful Devil that a normal form Chainsaw Man couldn’t even defeat. What more was, she killed numbers of Professional Devil Hunters on her own without even breaking a sweat.

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Bomb Devil

Just from her name itself, Bomb Devil could make explosions and powerful blast out of her body, especially her skin that could literally blow up a person in an instant. Reze doesn’t only rely to her Devil’s abilities, because of her skill flawless hand-to-hand combat that even surpassed those Devil Hunters.

8. Angel Devil

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Angel Devil

Compare to other Devils, Angel Devil doesn’t hold any hatred against any humans, in fact, he pity them. Despite of his innocent appearance, Angel Devil could literally kill anyone in just a matter of seconds without even doing anything.

Angel Devil’s abilities were cursed and blessing at the same time, yet he considered it as cursed. Just like anybody, Angel Devils wanted to live a normal life, but he couldn’t because of his lethal abilities, especially to humans. His main ability is to absorb lifespan of any living things he touch, or anyone who touch him. Just by touching him in a second, Aki, one of the Devil Hunters lost 2 months of his lifespan.

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Angel Devil

What makes his ability powerful was, the lifespan that he absorbed could transform into a powerful weapons, that the more lifespan he offer the more powerful his weapons becomes.

7. Curse Devil

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Curse Devil

Curse Devil is a terrifying Devil that only 2 people so far could use, Aki and Santa Claus. Because of its terrifying abilities, Curse Devil has a difficult conditions in exchange of his power everytime he was called. One of his conditions are life span, which takes the half of the life span of a person in order to use his power, just like what Aki had.

Despite of its hard conditions, Curse Devil truly won’t let the target escape, knowing that Curse Devil will literally hold his target in cross position and lock you through biting your neck and shoulder along with slowly crushing your arms. In order to call him, calling his name wasn’t enough, knowing that you need to stab the target with his nails at least 3 times to activate.

6. Hell Devil

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Hell Devil

Hell Devil is one of the most powerful Devils that appeared only for a short period of time, yet already caused a massive destruction. Unlike any other Devils, Hell Devil is a centaur-like Devil that has no eyes and covered with fires. Hell Devil first appeared after the members of the Anti-Makima Squad summoned him buy slicing their throats to kill Makima, yet was instantly killed by full formed Denji. One of the terrifying abilities of it is to take someone and send it to hell. Also, Santa Claus, one of the antagonist of the series used the ability of Hell Devils by sacrificing some of her dolls, which resulted of giant 6 fingers hand appeared in the sky to bring a small flesh of Darkness Devil to her.

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Hell Devil

5. Ghost Devil

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Ghost Devil

Ghost Devil was the Devil that Himeno had contacted with in exchange of her right eye. So far, Ghost Devil is the only Devil that could make itself invisible and move around without anyone seeing her, just really like a normal ghost. Ghost Devil has a massive creepy appearance with smiling face along with her numbers of feet and flowers.

What makes Ghost Devil hard to kill compare to other is, Ghost Devil is an untouchable Devil, which only few things can touch her like special weapons. Ghost Devil’s conditions was every part of the body for every actions, which was the reason why Ghost Devil agreed easily when Himeno offered her whole body.

4. Control Devil

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Control Devil

Control Devil is one of the unique Devils in the series, knowing that Makima was the only Devil so far that has no Devil Form. Makima revealed herself as a Control Devil after her bloody confrontation to full form Chainsaw Man.

Compare to other Devils, Control Devil Makima doesn’t have any devastating abilities like Gun Devil or the Darkness Devil, yet she could be considered as one of the strongest Devil throughout the whole series. Makima’s beauty and captivating appearance adds to her power, knowing that she could easily manipulate those who thinks below her, either Devil or a human.

Makima possess superhuman strength that allows her to have hand-to-hand combat with Chainsaw Man and ripped his body with her bare hands. Also, Makima could borrow the hearings of lower life forms all over the world like small animals, which she used for listening conversations even for a great distance. Regardless of all of that, what makes Control Devil truly terrifying Devil was because of her almost immortality, that she could pass her death to someone in order to revive herself.

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Control Devil

After her contract to the Prime Minister, no matter how many times you kill Makima, as long that she has people under her throughout the whole Japan, she could randomly transfer her death and revive in an instant.

3. Gun Devil

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Gun Devil

Gun Devil is the most terrifying Devil that humanity had ever faced, not just in Japan but to the whole world. Compare to other Devils, Gun Devil’s appearance is full of guns instead of human flesh and bones. Showing how powerful it is, Makima was already killed by the Gun Devil 26 times, thanks to her ability that allows her to transfer her death to some random citizen, which was the reason she survived.

Because of human fears to guns, Gun Devil slowly became much more powerful, just like any other Devils that become stronger when fear about him rise.

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Gun Devil

Back in 1984, the Gun Devil first appeared that caused massive bloodbath to humanity. In 26 seconds of its appearance, Gun Devil killed 56,912 people in Japan in an instant, 8,481 people were kill in Canada in 7 seconds, 548,012 people in America in 124 seconds, and killed 1.2 millions of death all over the world in just 5 minutes of its berserk.

2. Darkness Devil

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil is one of the Devils that has the shortest screentime, yet in that screentime, it already shown how terrifying it is as Devil. Darkness Devil has a creepy-like appearance that is full of human bodies surrounds him.

A lot of things are still a mystery about Darkness Devil because of its short appearance, but it turns the surroundings dark as night when he comes. Using his abilities, Darkness Devil first appeared when he easily transported Denji along with the others in Hell. What makes it more a frightening devil was, Darkness Devil possess an incredible speed that allows him to cut everyone in an instant before even anyone could blink.

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil is considered as a ‘Primal Fear’ that even Devils in Hell fear him. It was also revealed that he is one of the transcendent devils that never experienced or encountered death.

1. Chainsaw Man Devil

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Chainsaw Man

As the most frightening Devil among all the Devils in Hell, Chainsaw Man Devil is undeniably the strongest among all the Devils that resides inside of Denji. Despite of his terrifying existence, Chainsaw Man Devil was first introduced as a puppy-like appearance, which became the pet of Denji called ‘Pochita’.

Compare to other Devils, Pochita and Denji’s contract are kind of unexpected, knowing that Denji wasn’t aware of their contract in the first place. After Denji surrendered his contract to Pochita, Pochita allows Denji to transformed into full Chainsaw Man Devil, which was the form that gives terror to every Devils in Hell.

Strongest devils in Chainsaw Man Chainsaw Man

What makes Chainsaw Man Devil truly terrifying is his ability to devour devils and completely erase their existence, to the way that no one could even remember them. Showing how powerful Chainsaw Man Devil is, Makima, one of the strongest Devils along with the other Devils couldn’t even defeat him.


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