How Strong is Yuta Okkotsu in Jujutsu Kaisen?



Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most popular anime series of 2020 that surely piqued the interest of a lot of fans by its astounding and amazing story of Gege Akutami, the writer and illustrator of the series. Showing how successful the series is, Jujutsu Kaisen was awarded as ‘Anime of the Year 2021’ by Crunchyroll, which undeniably overwhelmed a lot of anime series on its way.

Because the series was only have 1 season back then (2021), a lot of interesting characters weren’t still introduced, which surely have a huge influence to the story, especially Yuta Okkotsu. Yuta Okkotsu is one of the supporting characters in the series and will become the protagonist of the anime movie adaptation of Volume 0 of manga series. Because of that…

How Strong is Yuta Okkotsu?

How strong is Yuta Okkutsu

Yuta Okkotsu is one of the supporting characters in the story that was first introduced in the Volume 0 of the manga series. Despite of being a supporting character, Yuta Okkotsu holds a huge influence in the story.

He is one of the 2nd Year Students, just like Maki and one of the few Special Grade Sorcerers, especially after he acquired the full power of Rika Orimoto, the Queen of All Curses. Just like Gojo Satoru, Yuta Okkotsu was often overseas, which was why he wasn’t introduce in the 1st season of the series, yet he was appeared in the 2nd opening song for a second.

How strong is Yuta Okkutsu

Yuta Okkotsu piqued the interest of Gojo Satoru, especially after Rika Orimoto was revived as a Cursed Spirit and started following him. Rika Orimoto was an unknown existence to everyone, especially to Jujutsu High, which was why Gojo and higher ups was wary of her. Just like Itadori Yuji, Yuta was also tried to get executed by the higher ups because of how terrifying Rika’s existence to the world.

So how strong Yuta Okkotsu is? Yuta Okkotsu is known for being the next Gojo Satoru and has more cursed energy than him with the help of Rika. Even though without the power of Rika Orimoto, Yuta Okkotsu still a powerful sorcerer for being a distant relative of Gojo Satoru. Yuta Okkotsu has a remarkable long sword, which he use in order to combine with Rika’s power. What makes him more powerful is his ability to copy any forms of cursed techniques just by looking at them, just like how he copied Inumaki Clan’s Cursed Speech without proper training and damaging his throat.

How strong is Yuta Okkutsu

Compare to Itadori Yuji, both of them are completely opposite of each other, knowing that Yuta has a lot of cursed energy, but lack physical strength. Yuji on the other hand possess low amount of Cursed Energy, yet has a lot of physical power. Showing how powerful truly Yuta Okkotsu is, he easily killed Yuji Itadori because higher ups told them to, yet Yuta revived him in an instant with reverse technique. Unlike the other sorcerers who hate Gojo, Yuta respect and admire him, to the way that he accepted his request to protect Yuji when the time comes that he wasn’t around, which he fulfilled.


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