How Smart is Ayanokojie Kiyotaka in Classroom of the Elite



Classroom of the Elite is a popular light novel series since 2015 that was written by Syougo Kinugasa and was illutrated by Shunsaku Tomose. Currently(2021), Classroom of the Elite has now 19 overall volumes and still counting.

Because of its massive popularity, Classroom of the Elite received an anime adaptation by Lershe that surely piqued the interest of a lot of fans by its mind-blowing protagonist, Ayanokojie Kiyotaka.

The series revolves around the most prestigious school that is owned by the government, where only chosen elite students has a chance to enroll, Advanced Nurturing High School. The story started when Ayanokojie decided to enrolled, yet hide his intellect to everyone. Because of that, a lot of fans wondered..

Who is Ayanokojie Kiyotaka?

How smart is Ayanokojie in Classroom of the Elite

Ayanokojie Kiyotaka is the protagonist of the series that enrolled in Advanced Nurturing High School, yet compare to other students, Ayanokojie has a different objectives, which is to have a peaceful high school life and away from unnecessary attentions. He is one of the members of Class D as his first classroom, where they considered as the most defective class by everyone.

He was also known as ‘X’ by Class C, especially when Ryuen realized that there was someone who manipulates the Class D behind the scenes, which was the reason of their massive progress. Despite of being in Class D, the lowest class, Ayanokojie possess an extraordinary mind that far from one could imagine.

What makes him truly remarkable to other students is his different perspectives and ideologies to everyone, which shocked a lot of fans after he revealed his true self in the final episode of anime adaptation. Ayanokojie treated anyone as a tool and manipulate them without even anyone realizing it. And what’s more is his extreme intelligence that is undeniably the smartest throughout the whole school. Because of that…

How smart is Ayanokojie in Classroom of the Elite

How Smart is Ayanokojie Kiyotaka?

How smart is Ayanokojie in Classroom of the Elite

Ayanokojie Kiyotaka is a extremely smart student that allows himself to play every students in Advanced Nurturing High School on his hands. What makes him more excellent is, he isn’t just a genius when it comes to academics, but to almost everything in this world, especially psychology. Ayanokojie could easily read people just by simple analysis and observations.

Despite of being a genius, Ayanokojie prefer to live a normal life and far away from spotlight, yet everything changed when she was blackmailed by her own teacher. Ayanokojie was force to help the class to reach Class A in order for him to continue his peaceful life, especially his freedom.

Having no choice, Ayanokojie manipulated everyone behind the scenes and using everyone as a pawn, just like a game of chess.

How smart is Ayanokojie in Classroom of the Elite

A lot of people may wonder, how did Ayanokojie became so smart? Ayanokojie was already different from everyone ever since he was born, knowing that he was born through vitro fertilization. At the very young age, Ayanokojie was taught a lot of things, physically and mentally in a place that is mystery to the society, White Room.

White Room is a hidden place where they conducted various experimentations to every kids to make an artificial geniuses, just like how Ayanokojie gained intellect that a normal high school student impossible to achieve. Ever since the White Room was established, Ayanokojie was the only student they considered as their ‘Masterpiece’. After Ayanokojie escaped from the White Room, he finally experience what to have a freedom, which he didn’t have back in the past.

How smart is Ayanokojie in Classroom of the Elite


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