Strongest members of Black Bulls

Top 10 Strongest Members of Black Bulls in Black Clover



Black Clover is one of the rising anime since 2017 because of its massive popularity it gets over time. Despite of its animations back then, Black Clover became a massive success.

The series was originally based from manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata.

Black Clover revolves around the world full of fantasies and magical abilities that not all people could have. Because of that, a powerful organization was formed that will be responsible for protecting every people, especially those who has no power, Magic Knights. Magic Knights are divided by 9 different Squads, yet there is one remarkable squad among them that always get underestimated by everyone, Black Bulls.

Despite of being always in the last, Black Bulls is full of powerful members. Because of that…

Here are the Top 10 Strongest Members of Black Bulls

10. Vanessa Enoteca

Strongest members of Black Bulls Vanessa Enoteca

Magic: Thread Magic

Vanessa Enoteca is a Witch magic knight that came from the Witches Forest. Witches from the Witches Forest aren’t allowed to go in the outside world, yet Vanessa became a magic knight after escaped from the Queen’s hand with the help of Yami Sukehiro, her current Captain.

She was imprisoned by the Queen because of the hidden power that lies within her, Red Thread of Fate. Despite of her alcoholic and crazy personality, Vanessa in undeniably one of the strongest members of Black Bulls.

The most remarkable magic of Vanessa is the ‘Red Thread of Fate’, a life saving magic in an appearance of a cat. The Red Thread of Fate, or the cat itself allows her to change any forms of events into what is beneficial to the user. Most of the Black Bulls members were already killed number of times, yet because of Vanessa, it changed.

Strongest members of Black Bulls Vanessa Enoteca

9. Zora Ideale

Strongest members of Black Bulls Zora Ideale

Magic: Trap Magic

Zora Ideale is a newly member of Black Bulls that was invited by Yami into his team because of his interesting personality, just like how Yami evaluated anyone in Black Bulls. Despite of having a strange appearance, Zora is capable of beating a Vice Captain level magic knight on his own without even breaking a sweat.

He was first introduced in the series as a villain type person, yet it was the completely opposite. Zora hated nobles and high class people because of how they treated his father back then for being a magic knight despite of being peasant, which resulted of his father’s death.

Strongest members of Black Bulls Zora Ideale

What makes Zora powerful compare to other members of Black Bull is because of his intellect. Zora has a sharp intellect, especially when it comes to fighting, which is suitable for his magic. Along with his Trap Magic, Zora could exceptionally analyze and observe his enemy so he could apply traps splendidly. During his battle against Langris, everyone was surprised of him including Wizard King because of his remarkable fighting style.

8. Secre Swallowtail

Strongest members of Black Bulls Secre Swallowtail

Magic: Sealing Magic

Despite of her teenage appearance, Secre Swallowtail is the oldest member of Black Bulls, which is more than 500 years old. Secre was cursed by using a forbidden magic that granted her an almost immortality, yet in a form of a bird. Before her cursed was broke, Secre lived as a bird for 500 years waiting for someone.

Secre’s magic isn’t terrifying unlike the other magics, yet her magic is one of the most important magic throughout the whole kingdom, which was the reason she became one of the few Arcane Stage Mage without an intense amount of training.

Using her Sealing Magic, Secre could create magical items by sealing magics into an item. Showing how reliable her magic is, Julius Novachrono, should have died during his confrontation against Patri, yet was unexpectedly saved by Secre’s magic item. Secre also the servant of the 1st Wizard King, and help each other out by helping those people who lacked magic. Healing, Sealing, Mana Sensing are some of her special abilities.

Strongest members of Black Bulls Secre Swallowtail

7. Charmy Pappitson

Strongest members of Black Bulls Charmy Pappitson

Magic: Cotton Magic

Charmy Pappitson is one of the most remarkable members of Black Bulls because of her extreme gluttony. Despite of her childish and comedic appearance, Charmy Pappitson truly is one of the strongest mage throughout the whole Clover Kingdom.

So far, she is the only known as a half-human and half-elf in the series after she shown her true form as a 19 years old. Charmy doesn’t care about almost everything except food, which was the reason she gets angry everytime someone waste waste.

Strongest members of Black Bulls Charmy Pappitson

Charmy possess an extreme superhuman strength in her true form that allows her to beat Rill, a Captain Level Mage in just punches along with her massive wolf. What makes her more useful is, Charmy isn’t just a good fighter, but also a good support that instantly restore mana of everyone who eat her foods.

6. Luck Voltia

Strongest members of Black Bulls Luvck Voltia

Magic: Lightning Magic

Luck Voltia so far is one of the few members of Black Bulls that came from a rich family, yet after his mother died, he lost almost everything. Compare to other members, Luck is the most dangerous mage in Black Bulls because of his thirst in fighting.

Ever since Luck was a kid, he already shown how powerful he is by beating the other nobles, which was the reason why they fear him, especially his terrifying smile that he shows no matter what the situation.

Strongest members of Black Bulls Luck Voltia

Among all the members of Black Bulls, Luck could be considered as the fastest, especially after he gained the power of the elf and the 6 months of extreme training in Heart Kingdom. Despite of being in the same squad, Magna and Luck formed a small rivalry that often compete with each other.

5. Magna Swing

Strongest members of Black Bulls Magna Swing

Magic: Fire Magic

Magna Swing is one of the most discriminated members of Black Bulls because of being a peasant, especially, for having a small amount of Mana within his body. Despite of his flaws, Magna is one of the most motivated magic knight throughout the whole Kingdom that won’t allow himself to be left behind by everyone.

Just like almost every mage in the series, Magna Swing doesn’t have a remarkable magic abilities, knowing that he has a common magic type, which is Fire Magic. Because of his extreme endeavor and hard work, Magna made an impossible by creating a powerful magic that could even match up Dante in his 100% full form.

Strongest members of Black Bulls Magna Swing

Dante, one of the most powerful mage in the series that even mages like Nacht and Yami couldn’t even beat him on their own, yet Dante was defeated by Magna, a peasant all by himself. Magna could only use his own made magic for a short period of time, yet was already enough to take down a Devil host mage.

4. Noelle Silva

Strongest members of Black Bulls Noelle Silva

Magic: Water Magic

Noelle Silva came from the powerful bloodline in the Clover Kingdom, Silva Family. Despite of being in a powerful bloodline, Noelle was often underestimated because of her lack of control when it comes to her own magic.

She is the youngest daughter among the Silva Family, and could also be considered as the strongest among them all. After she got the help of the Water Spirit, Noelle unlocked another powerful form that could even match Vanica, one of the members of Dark Triad.

Strongest members of Black Bulls Noelle Silva

One couldn’t achieve a form called ‘Spirit Dive’ without the help of any Magic Spirit. During their confrontation against Vanica, Undine, the Water Spirit teamed up with Noelle and acquired the Spirit Dive. What makes her more powerful is, she achieved another abilities when Asta appeared, which makes her a Saint Stage Magic Knight, the highest level of Spirit Host.

3. Yami Sukehiro

Strongest members of Black Bulls Yami Sukehiro

Magic: Dark Magic

Despite of being a foreigner to Clover Kingdom, Yami Sukehiro shown how powerful truly he is, especially after he became a chosen Captain despite of not being a noble compare to others. What’s more is, Yami could be considered as the strongest Captain of all Captains because of his ability to always surpass his limits.

Yami Sukehiro is the first Captain of the worst squad of Magic Knights that was full of delinquents and underestimated members, Black Bulls. Even though Black Bulls was often discriminated, Black Bulls is the strongest squad if they become serious just like the any other squads.

Strongest members of Black Bulls Yami Sukehiro

Unlike anyone, Yami Sukehiro has a rare type of magic that so far only him could use, Dark Magic. What makes his magic more intimidating is, Dark Magic is one of the two keys that could open the gate to the Underworld, where powerful Devils resides. Yami also doesn’t rely on Magic alone, knowing that he also has what he called ‘Ki’, which is a natural energy that not all people could achieve.

2. Nacht Faust

Strongest members of Black Bulls Nacht Faust

Magic: Shadow Magic

Nacht Faust was the 2nd member of Black Bulls regardless of his late appearance in the series. He is the mysterious Vice Captain that lived in Spade Kingdom for a long time to spy for upcoming catastrophe.

Having the ability of Shadow Magic, Nacht can easily allow him to walk through walls and make portal-like shadows. Despite of his innocent appearance, Nacht has a terrifying and intimidating personality, to the way that he threatened some of the Captains with his Devils.

Strongest members of Black Bulls Nacht Faust

Just like Asta, Nacht has 4 terrifying mid-rank Devils with different forms with different abilities that he could full control. What makes him more powerful is his 4 different transformations with his Devils, just like what Asta often do. Even though he’s the Vice Captain of Black Bulls, Nacht holds a huge hatred against Yami for a certain reason.

1. Asta

Strongest members of Black Bulls Asta

Magic: Anti-Magic

Asta is the protagonist of the story and possess the most powerful Grimoire in the series, Anti-Magic. Regardless of being magic-less, Asta could be considered Asta strongest members of Black Bulls, especially after he acquired the full form of his Devil. When the time comes that he could fully master it, Asta will be an undeniably unstoppable.

Because of lack of magic, Asta could use the power of 5 Leaf Grimoire, knowing that his Anti-Magic absorbs the mana of everyone who touch it. So far, Asta Asta has 4 different types of swords with different types of abilities and styles that he uses depends on the situation.

Strongest members of Black Bulls Asta

Asta’s Anti-Magic erase any forms of magics without any exceptions, to the way that Devils Underworld was surprised by his power. What makes his Grimoire truly special is, Asta’s swords doesn’t really have an abilities, but only the Devil that resides within it, Liebe.


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